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Promotion of Entrepreneurial Education in Georgia

Junior Achievement Georgia and Junior Achievement Estonia has implemented the project "Promotion of Entrepreneurial Education in Georgia" with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia from the Development Cooperation Program.

The project was launched in July 2017 and ended in March 2019. The aim of the project was the promoting of Entrepreneurial Education in Georgia, sharing European teaching methodology of entrepreneurship and promoting Georgia’s European integration. Within the framework of the project has been implemented different events such as: Training of Georgian teachers, volunteers and students in Georgia; Training of Georgian teachers and volunteers in Tallinn, Estonia; Developing new study materials about Budgeting and Accounting for Student Company program, also, supplementary exercise guide for teachers, which includes exercises for Entrepreneurship competences and sharing it in Georgian schools; Participation of the CEO of JA Georgia in CEO meeting and conference in Sofia and Malta; 4 student companies participate in Student Company Trade fair in Tallinn; Participation of Georgian best student company in European company of the year competition in Belgrade; Dissemination meetings with School principals and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia.

The impact of the project is huge for Georgia, because all JA Georgia staff, teachers and students have gained many skills, knowledge, opportunities and experience for future development.

During the project implementation the number of schools involved in the student company program has been increased from 250 to 280. As the research shows teachers and students who have participated in the project are much motivated and skillful. The impact of the project has been noticeable day by day. Also, Entrepreneurial education become much more important and interesting for them.

JA Estonia and JA Georgia have actively and successfully implemented a project that played an important role in promoting entrepreneurial education in Georgia.